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徇眾要求,大家希望有查三世書的服務,陳法齊師傅又因事忙未能兼顧,故特請陳師傅的同門師妹唐法雪(唐溏)師傅出山,為各大善信,提供查閱三世書服務。 唐師傅學滿古今,是次皆因師兄的邀請,方有此機緣,請早預約。 查閱三世書,HKD$500 查閱三世書及淺談八字HKD$900 About Master Maya Tong grew up in Hong Kong, China.  Maya obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of London, United Kingdom.  Maya has always been curious about abstract sciences even from her … Continue reading

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